Roundtable: Report of the case study on treatment of LGBTI cases by Kosovo’s Juidicial System


A round table was organized on 13th of December 2016, where the report of the case study on treatment of LGBTI cases by the Kosovo’s judicial system is presented. The report was based on the legal procedures that followed the hate crime case where two gay men were physically attacked. This is the first case of hate crime based on sexual orientation that was brought at the court. The panelists of this round table were representatives from the Ombudsperson Institution, Office for Good Governance, Police, Prosecution and the Court.

This round table brought to conclusion that the Basic Court failed to establish an example and provide for a good court practice on the treatment of cases where persons of LGBTI community are involved as victims in a criminal procedure. The Court failed to refer to the constitutional and human rights of the victims to live freely in Kosovo without the fear of being insulted, attacked or discriminated by any one. For more details on the case study report please read the report at publications.


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