Homophobic hate crime predicted to skyrocket as Donald Trump wins US election


If you’re LGBTI, or any other minority, please stay safe


Activists fear homophobic hate crime is set to rise as Donald Trump has won the US presidential election.

They believe bigots may become emboldened and it could lead to a rise in attacks on the LGBTI community.

Following Britain voting to leave the European Union in June, the three months after saw homophobic and transphobic hate crime more than doubled.

In a poll from Gallup, hate crimes against LGBTI during July, August and September increased 147% compared with the same months last year.

The jump in hate crimes has affected ethic and religious minorities as well, while LGBTI people were the worst affected.

‘In a Britain that works for everyone, hatred against a person because of their sexual orientation will not be tolerated,’ a government spokesman said.

Many on social media are fearing the same will happen in the United States.


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